Is This You?

Do You See Yourself in Any of These Situations:

You Want a Reset

Perhaps you are longing for something new, ready to hit the reset button because life has become dull. You are “almost content”, yet the same old routine has become stale. You are yearning  to feel that youthful energy you once had when looking forward to what’s next. 

This restlessness you feel needs a focus. You know there are possibilities available to you, and you need support with finding what fits.

You’ve Been Putting Yourself on the Backburner and Now You Want to Re-Ignite Your Dreams But, How?

You have been meeting the needs of others for so long. Maybe you wrap your schedule around everyone else’s needs. Your spouse, children, boss or friends all take precedence. You’ve been focusing on everyone else and realize you’ve become depleted. You may have even left your own dreams and desires behind. 

You recognize it’s time to adjust your outlook and realign your activities, but you might need some clarity with what you really want and how to do it. 

You Find You Are In Transition and Need Direction

You have been through a significant life transition: an empty nest, a move, retirement. Maybe even divorce, or a loss. You feel groundless, needing a helping hand to explore what this new chapter in your life could look like.

Moving past those inevitable speed bumps seems intimidating at first, and you feel the need to share the journey with someone. You want a friendly nudge when moments of paralysis stop you from examining the habits and attitudes that get in your way.

You Know You’re Creative But Feel Stuck in Doubt

You love spending time doing creative things – painting, quilting or writing, for example – yet it somehow seems frivolous or unnecessary. But you can’t let go of the longing. You need help with building the confidence and skill to explore what speaks to you.

Or, you know deep inside your creative genius is lurking, longing to come out and play! You need a safe space to explore the possibilities, and a reliable resource to share ideas with. 

Life is Good, And…

It seems silly to complain. But you know in your heart you want more. You want to do more, serve more, enjoy more. You want to stay curious, to learn new things. And it would be great to expand your circle and get acquainted with like-minded people who are looking for similar experiences.

They say that life is indeed short, and you are ready to live it to the fullest!

Maybe you see yourself in one or more of these scenarios.

If so, read on to find out more.

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