My Philosophy

Our Lives Have Purpose
and Meaning

What we do and how we show up has value. Self knowledge and regular reflection are tools to help find that meaning, and it takes practice. It’s not “one and done” – and yay for that!

Learning to find peace with ourselves, warts and all, is a hallmark of a life filled with grace and gratitude; it is a lifelong pursuit.

What you think, feel or say is yours. No matter what it is, it is worthy of being listened to, respected and considered. Maybe you’ve spent much of your life worrying about what people will think or believing that it’s more important to validate someone else’s opinion and keep your own inside. The idea of sharing your truth may leave you feeling exposed or vulnerable. My role is to give you the space to speak, without judgment, and to validate your lived experience. Having a trusted place to be real allows you to express yourself and helps you to embrace your uniqueness.

Your Opinions
and Feelings Are Valid

We Are All Creative

No matter what you may think about your creative abilities, every person alive is inherently creative. Many of us have abandoned this part of ourselves in pursuit of other important things like taking care of life’s demands and trying to fit into someone else’s view of who we should be. Yet we are meant to explore all aspects of our lives. We seem to get distracted easily, but we can rekindle that childlike spark of imagination at any age, and even enjoy it as we get reacquainted.
It is as essential as food and water. I believe when we lean into open, honest and heartfelt communication we start to see each other, and ourselves, more clearly. We remember what is important to us – relationships and being in connection with others. Knowing what our priorities are and making the effort to keep our connections with others alive and full honors that basic need.

Connection Is a Basic Human Need

Magic Happens in Community

Communities, whether they be among friends, the workplace or neighborhoods, are life-affirming. We all benefit from the interdependence that naturally occurs when we live and work together. When we can see how each of us fits into this symbiotic arrangement and what part we play, we can better appreciate the interactions that occur in community. Engaging with others, taking in diverse points of view, learning from another and sharing our own gifts is what makes magical connections possible.

We owe it to ourselves to pursue our interests and discover new ideas along the way. Today’s scientists and philosophers have made monumental inroads into the workings of our brains, bodies and spirits. And the creative minds of authors, teachers, artists offer a wealth of ideas  that are inspiring and thought provoking. Having opportunities to tap into this abundance is both inspiring and motivating.

Life-long Learning Is a Source of Awe and Wonder

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