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Hit the Reset Button
Find a New Perspective

You are feeling uncomfortable with your routine, and you want to find new ways to enrich your life.

For the most part you are loving life, and yet, you have the feeling there is something more you want to do and don’t know how to start.

Maybe after years of dealing with the pandemic and all that it entailed, you’re feeling restless. You’re probably ready to hit the refresh button. Or maybe you just need to break out of the old routine. You’re bored.

Or maybe you are in the middle of a life transition: a move, an empty nest. A divorce or retirement. You’re not quite feeling settled yet; you’re looking for connection.

Perhaps you want to learn something new. You know you are creative, smart, witty. And you are wondering “what’s next?” How can you use your talents and skills? You want to learn about new choices that could open the door to your imagination and the possibilities that flow from your miraculously engineered brain.

Or, you are “almost content.” You’re feeling pretty good, but something’s just not quite right. You yearn for something.

Whatever the situation is, you feel like you need a restart or a fresh perspective.

In the middle of
a life transition

So Far, What You Have Tried Hasn’t Seemed to Work

You’ve probably tried lots of things to give yourself a boost and make changes.      

Maybe you’ve tried to…